Sunday, May 13, 2012

On The Pied Butchebird

The beauty of Nature is a wonderful thing
At all times of the year the pied butcherbird sing
So pleasant to hear every day of the year
His flute like music melodious and clear

Birds to people of eastern Australia's sub tropics and tropics well known
They do have a charm of their very own
Their pleasant notes carrying in the freshening breeze
In the morning sunshine from the tops of the trees

Black and white birds in gardens and parklands a familiar sight
Quite pretty to look at in the full sunlight
Slightly larger than a thrush and smaller than a crow
Abundant in their range their numbers do grow

Distinctive to look at and in their familiar flute like song
Once seen and once heard you cannot get them wrong
In eastern Australia's sub tropics and tropics people awake
To their flute like notes in the gray of daybreak.

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