Monday, May 7, 2012

The One Who Has Knocked About

Though he has been in many Lands and places the one who has knocked about
He feels he is a failure in his moments of self doubt
He has seen India's and China's big cities been in Tokyo and Rome
Been in London, Paris, Athens and New York and other cities far from Home

Not patriotic or nationalistic in any sort of a way to such type he does not belong
But the wanderlust is in him and in him it is strong
There is so much of the World he says he has not yet seen
The far off Lands do beckon and the far off hills are green

One who never was a member of any community or any sporting club
I met him on a stop off on his travels at the local pub
A dark haired fellow perhaps in his late twenties he was easy to talk to
As he conversed on his travels and things he did plan to do

Surely a well travelled young person in the prime of his life and carefree
So many Countries he has been in he says he has many more to see
He stopped off at the pub on his travels  on his way home by car to the next town
The man with the wanderlust in him in any one place could not settle down.

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