Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our Reflective Mirrors

That politicians are our reflective mirrors would you not agree
At least anyhow that's how it seems to me
For the people who serve our needs best we only do vote
And some time and effort on getting them elected we are willing to devote
That there is so much corruption amongst politicians of today
Of the people who vote them into Parliament what does this say
To vote for the deceitful does seem the in thing
And the praises of such people many willing to sing
In a Human World where narrow Nationalism is becoming a common disease
Most voters would never vote for a politician who supports refugees
And the homeless and those living in dire poverty
Far too many of us lacking in kindness and compassion and in empathy
That our politicians are our reflective mirrors it does seem this way
Self interest first are the buzz words of the Human World of today.

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