Saturday, May 19, 2012

Patrick Cashman

Named after his father and grandfather from Millstreet he died far away
In Stouffville in Ontario in Canada his last remains forever  lay
A long way from the top of Tullig even as the migratory bird does fly
Perhaps four to five thousand or more miles if taking the journey by sky

Patrick Cashman was one i did know of but one that i never did meet
When i was a very young fellow he left Tullig above Millstreet
Like many young Irish people of the fifties and sixties his future was to be elsewhere
The lust of the wander was in him to see life in the big World out there

A long way from Tullig in Millstreet he met the woman who became his wife
In his new Country he fathered children and settled in his new way of life
Far from the high road to Mushera he lived most of his life span
And passed from life on his eighty third year as quite a long lived man

The Millstreet that Patrick grew up in is a very changed place today
The changes as ever keep happening as some have been known for to say
Most of those he went to school with in eternal rest now do lay
And our biological clocks ever ticking and ticking and ticking away

Hope for him that into his eighties that good health he did enjoy
Far from Tullig above the Town of Millstreet the place where he lived as a boy
And hope that his passing from life for him was a painless release
And in his home from home in Stouffville may his last remains rest in peace.

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