Monday, May 21, 2012

She Is Such A Beautiful Person

She is such a beautiful person and she has such a beautiful face
And the World for her living in it is surely a much better place
One always willing to help others in her ways so gentle and kind
She is always smiling and happy the one with the beautiful mind
If everyone were only like her how marvellous to live in the Human World would be
There would not be greed and oppression there would not be war and poverty
She only looks for the good in others by good example she does lead the way
A credit to the human family she performs her good deeds every day
Not well known or not celebrated even on her side of the town
To live as a good and caring person for her is enough of renown
In my travels i've met some good people yet greater than her i do not know
She is one of those wonderful women who does have the rare inner glow
In the park sometimes i do meet her with a big smile on her beautiful face
The Human World for her living in it is surely a much better place.

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