Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Though some In Denial Of It

Though some in denial of it far more than a few
When i say Climate Change is upon us i'm not saying what is new
But doubtless to say carbon emissions due to us at present and in decades long gone
The scourge of Climate Change has helped to hurry on
That Climate Change is a natural occurence well may be so
Since climate scientists have proven the existence of an ice age thousands of centuries ago
But human environmental practices in the twenty first century on climate has an impact
And that by hundreds of years it may hurry on Climate Change may well be a fact
Human greed is becoming to the survival of human kind a dangerous enemy
That is how it does seem and would you not agree
That the future generations for our mistakes may pay
That we may be sowing the seeds of our species extinction does seem sad to say
Though some in denial of it to them such thinking is strange
We are at the start of an age of Climate Change.

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