Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Far north of this Country i was born and raised and attended primary school
But till death i could live and be happy in the Town of Warrnambool
Where i am not seen  as a stranger in a place that feels like home from home to me
Warrnambool the rural City by the great Pacific sea

Where the people are so friendly mine not seen as a stranger's face
The gem in the crown of South West Victoria is a very livable place
A bright and breezy City for it's beauty widely known
It can be said of Warrnambool it has a charm of it's own

Beautiful places such as Thunder Point, The Breakwater, Lake Pertobe and Lady Bay
Most people who visit Warrnambool say  they will return again one day
The Blue Hole where the Hopkins river meets the sea and Logans Beach where the southern right whales give birth in Spring
Of the praises of Warrnambool i feel happy for to sing

A multicultural rural City in the green coastal countryside
For it's friendly people and scenic beauty Warrnambool is known far and wide
Far north of this great Country i was born and went to school
But i found home from home far south in breezy Warrnambool.

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