Friday, June 29, 2012

An Addictive Nature Artist

He is one  not into sports or a member of a community club
And he is one who is never seen down at the local pub
Of any sort of social club he has never been a part
The only thing that interests him is creating works of art
As an addictive artist his type of person rare
With most people of his age little in common he does share
Five months ago his ex lover left him she is now another's wife
Which does not seem to bother him he just says such is life
In his mid twenties a young man in his physical prime
On canvas sketching Nature's beauty he devotes his work-free time
He lives in a  rented one bedroom flat an artist on his own
Due to his wildlife paintings locally he is becoming better known
An addictive Nature artist to his work he is true
And wealth and fame at what he likes doing best may well become his due.

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