Sunday, June 17, 2012

Australia By Name

Such beauty around me every day i do see
This Land of the south is home from home to me
The song of the magpie so pleasant to hear
The bird who does sing every day of the year
The home of the wallaby, wombat, the emu and roo
The corellas, lories, rosellas, lyrebird and white cockatoo
And a bird seldom seen in a cage or a zoo
The big dark brown parrot known as the weerloo
Koalas, monoterenes and megapodes creatures you will not see elsewhere
In your many travels in the big World out there
In this amazing Southern Land home of wattle, pittosporum and eucalypt tree
In the far south of the World that is now home to me
To be different from all others it's great claim to fame
Australia by Nature and Australia by name.

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