Monday, June 25, 2012

Castlemaine In The Winter

On the galvanize roofs the pattering of the rain
And the breeding frogs sing in the pond and the drain
Some memories do linger with me they remain
Of a typical Winter's night in Castlemaine
In mid Victoria a cold time of year
Even cold when the days are sunny and clear
And at night when the cold wind is soughing in the trees
The weather temperature as low as zero degrees
Where life at most times can be lived at a leisurely pace
Castlemaine Town in Winter is not a busy place
In Spring, Summer and most of the Fall the cafes, pubs and shops do a good trade
In eight good trading months of the year their annual profit by them is made
Where decades ago prospecting men mined for gold
Castlemaine in the Winter  Can be wet and cold.

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