Friday, June 29, 2012

Due To Circumstance Of Climate

Her shoulder length curly hair as dark as charcoal her lovely eyes of brown
Her olive skin as smooth as silk the young woman from the northern town
For her the southern winter to windy, wet and cold
She went home to the tropics that's what i have been told
She went home to the tropics to her own kin and race
Her ex lover in the  bar-room has a sad look on his  face
His  offer to her of marriage she did regrettably decline
She could not live in a climate of five months of yearly warm sunshine
A hometown sort of fellow he could not live  elsewhere
And least of all the tropics too warm for him up there
Their climate needs so different with her he had to part
The sad one of the  local pub does have a lovesick heart
His story not uncommon one might say such is life
The one he love due to circumstance of climate did not become his wife.

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