Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Eastern Yellow Robins

Once you see them and hear them singing you never get them wrong
The eastern yellow robins birds with the ticking song
Of unders mostly yellow and back and wings and head and tail blue gray
They are birds i do see often though not every day
To be quiet when hunting for food does seem their natural way
They often perch on low branch scanning the ground for tiny prey
Worms and small ground insects to them a tasty treat
Such life forms that Nature creates for them to eat
In the family of flycatchers yellow robins for them a common name
They are not shy of humans they do seem almost tame
They allow you get quite close to them before they take to flight
And more than two of them together is an uncommon sight
They sleep in sheltery bushes or leafy smaller tree
The eastern yellow robins birds i do often see.

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