Friday, June 15, 2012

Environmental Vandalism

To lovers of Nature demeaning and a put down
Grand old cypress trees neeedlessly felled in the park of the town
Environmental vandalism for want of a better name
Whoever authorized this must not have a sense of shame
Of the destruction brought about by Council Bureaucracies the point i do miss
No houses to be built in the park so what reason for this?
Of the people who authorized this good i do not have to say
They have destroyed such beauty in a horrible way
Those cypress a place for small birds to shelter in and rest
And in Spring hidden from predators build a hidden nest
The trees they nested and sheltered in from them taken away
Many homeless small birds in the Parkland today
Nothing but environmental vandalism this does seem to me
The small birds of the park to nest in now do not have a safe tree.

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