Monday, June 25, 2012

A Good Sort Of A Bloke

he was in primary school five decades ago
And in his early sixties time is becoming his foe
Four times a grandfather divorced by his wife
He feels happy enough in his marriage free life

It has been awhile now since his hair was dark brown
But he still works for a building company just out of town
He wakes before dawn every working day
Though single he has living expenses and bills for to pay

With his part time lover he goes on holidays for three weeks every year
To a beach town from where he lives in distance quite near
With no strings attached just a casual fling
But most of the time he just does his own thing

Interested in football every football Season saturday
Rain, hail or sunshine he watches his local team play
One never seen drunk or looking for fight
He enjoys a few beers on a saturday night

One who can spin a good yarn or laugh at a joke
And one can say of him he's a good sort of a bloke
The hair on his balding head now silver gray
He is one i see often though not every day.

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