Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Can Visualize Puffing Billy

I can visualize Puffing Billy puffing up through Selby Hill
Puffing up great clouds of gray smoke and it's horn sounding shrill
In the grayness of the morning of a cold wintery day
On the high track towards Emerald and Gembrook it goes chugging on it's way
From Belgrave up to Emerald and on to Gembrook Town
For years the famed old steam train has been chugging up and down
The parents and their children their ride to Gembrook enjoy
A ride on Puffing Billy a happy memory for many a young girl and boy
Puffing Billy the old steam train that is known far and wide
For years it has been chugging through the high wooded countryside
Everytime i think of Belgrave i fancy i can hear
The horn of Puffing Billy on a morning calm and clear
Chugging it's way towards Emerald in the morning cold and gray
Clouds of gray smoke puffing upwards on a wintery June day.

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