Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I Hear Connie Tarrant Is Off Of The Beer

The fellow who did love the pub atmosphere
I hear Connie Tarrant is off of the beer
Which should make Noreen his devoted wife
Happy to see her man without grog in his life

Since from Millstreet in Duhallow i do live far away
If this be rumor or not is not for me to say
I find it hard to imagine him off of the grog
The fellow who lives on the road to the bog

One that i did know in Seasons long gone
A likeable fellow the character Con
Without grog in his young life he'd have been great at football
But enjoyment to him seemed to come before all

If he is off of the grog he is a healthier man
And he will enjoy a far longer life span
For of alcohol he consumed quite a big share
His evenings in his prime years without grog were rare

That he is off of the beer i am happy to hear
Connie Tarrant one i have not seen for many a year
He drunk and felt merry and never made a foe
When he was a younger man Seasons ago.

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