Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Will Not Cast The Stone

His bad behaviour of late one could never condone
But leave it to the one without sin for to cast the stone
His crime not a bad one not that bad at all
He is for the court for his involvement in a pub brawl
One of his friends in the pub was assaulted by two blokes and was knocked to the floor
And he joined in the action for to even the score
The publican rang the police who arrested the brawling men
And locked them up for the night in the barrack's pen
Since his police record is clean and brawling  not a serious crime
He may well escape a prison sentence this time
By sticking up for his friend the law he did break
But most people in life do make some mistake
Bar brawling is a thing one cannot condone
But i am not without sin so i will not cast the stone.

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