Wednesday, June 13, 2012

No Different To Us

No different to us humans in many a way
Other life forms are being born and dying every day
Some of them die at our hands some of them natural predators kill
And some of them die young after falling ill

Some of them like us die of disease and some of them live to die old
But unlike us their life stories may never be told
And though we see them as inferior to us we too are born to die
And are they any different to you or to i

We are born into life this Planet with other life forms for to share
But due to our destruction of their habitat many life forms because of us rare
For the extinction of many species our kind is to blame
We cannot feel proud of what is to our shame

When we believe we are superior to them we believe in a lie
To them we are no different since we are born to die
Between our lives and their lives the one who does not differentiate
The Reaper of lives does not discriminate.

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