Thursday, June 7, 2012

On John Shaw Neilson

John Shaw Neilson was a marvellous poet his poems to many a source of joy and pleasure
Yet he did not have an easy life he was not a man of leisure
For one who worked hard in laborious jobs not college educated
Such beautiful and well written poems by him were created
John Shaw Neilson never had children or a wife till death he remained poor and single
And amongst the literary highbrows of his time he was not known to mingle
In his time he was not seen as great one highly under-rated
Though now seen as a major poet such beautiful poems he created
He lived most of his life in the Towns of Penola and Nhill though in Melbourne his life's journey ended
With most others little in common he did share and by few he was befriended
But by all accounts quite a nice man one gentle, kind and caring
One who believed the gifts we are born with are given to us for sharing
John Shaw Neilson was a major poet his poems today enjoyed by many
In the history of Australian literature he is as good as any.

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