Sunday, June 10, 2012

The One Who Caused Death And Suffering

Since a wise one said any person is not born to be bad
Oliver Cromwell one of the first war criminals would have had to be mad
To do what he did in Ireland where death and great suffering he did create
Against the poor of that Country his army carried out thousands of unprovoked crimes of hate

If there is a life after death with angels he surely does not dwell
And if there is re-incarnation he has lived many lives of Earthly Hell
Thousands of poor people by his soldiers evicted and many of them died
In Winter on the roadways to Connach in the Irish countryside

In Cities in Australia street signs today in honor of the name
Of Oliver Cromwell who in reality did die in shame
The one who caused death and suffering and so much misery
But the winners write the war history that's how it seems to be

And war history has a habit of repeating otself it does seem this way
And many crimes against humanity since Cromwell's day
The war winners for their crimes against humanity are never made to pay
The winners write the war history as some like to say.

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