Saturday, June 30, 2012

Out Of Work

Out of work with a wife and three young children to keep and big bills to pay
And in your search  for a job start another unsuccessful day
But hope  springs eternal as some like to say
And you feel that a job start for you in time  not far away

On welfare 'tis so hard  for  to make ends meet
And those out of work in the town for so few jobs compete
But those who try hardest do always succeed
And soon some boss will give you the job start you so need

Since three months ago the managers  of the factory you worked in closed their business down
Competition more fierce for the  few vacant jobs in the town
The local employers with job vacancies can pick and choose
For one to win a  job many applicants  have to lose

Out of work doing it hard with three young chldren and a wife
You are one who has  never known of an easy life
But a  job start you feel in time from you not far away
Hope does spring eternal as some like to say.

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