Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Sun Won't Shine Today

No wind soughing in the bare trees the sky is overcast and gray
It has been raining for  many hours the sun won't shine today
Not untypical of the time of year it would seem fair to say
Reminds me of where i used to live from here long miles away
When the bracken clad Boggeragh Mountains wore their Winter hats of snow
And the cold wind from the northlands across the countryside did blow
And Finnow to the Blackwater in flood waters of brown
Flowed bank high in the bare old  fields just west of Millstreet Town
How come this rainy weather brings back memories of afar
Of places one could not drive to from here by truck, bus or motor car?
It cannot be nostalgia for i've never liked the rain
Though memories of Winters i've lived through it brings back to me again
An overcast and dreary afternoon the the winter sky is gray
It has been raining for many hours the sun won't shine today.

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