Monday, June 11, 2012

That Is All I Can Be

I've penned rhymes of Mt Rouse and old Penshurst Town
And Warrnambool City a place of renown
Dunkeld, Halls Gap and Hamilton, Hawkesdale and Kirkstall
And dances in Crossley and Illowa Hall
I've penned rhymes of Koroit and Killarney and Port Fairy by the sea
And Tower Hill a place with an old history
But in South West Victoria i am not well known
Where none refer to me as one of their own
The accent i was born into is with me to stay
Some say to me you are from a Land far away
But my heritage to them i never deny
My first homeplace from here is far north by sky
I feel happy to live in this marvellous Country
Yet i am what i am that is all i can be.

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