Sunday, June 24, 2012

The War Mother Grieves

The war mother grieves for her dead soldier son
Because of brave young men like him the battle was won
He was a true hero where war history was made
But he did not march in the victory parade

The war mother weeps at her soldier son's grave
She does feel no pride in knowing he did die brave
She did not raise him for to die in this way
She did not go to watch the the war victory parade yesterday

Though his name on the war memorial wall will be seen
She did not raise her son for to die at nineteen
Since his enlistment in the army she did not condone
For him to die on a bomb riddled street in a far off war zone

His father left her when their son was a baby boy
But all she has left now are memories to enjoy
Of the only child she gave life to taken from her so young
And not much consolation to her now that his praises are sung.

For the flag of his Nation his young life he gave
And the patriots  do hail him as one who died brave
The war it is over the victory is won
But the mother is left for to grieve for her son..

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