Saturday, June 16, 2012

Yes Money Does Speak Every Language

He covers his baldness in a brown wig the sugar daddy with the big nose
But his fifth wife she is young and pretty one might say she blooms like a rose
A twenty five years old beauty with shoulder length wavy ginger hair
The only reason she is with him is he is a multi millionaire
He is six times a great grandfather one of the wealthiest men of the town
But it has been a while near four decades since his hair was natural brown
It is true money speaks every language he may be a seventy five year old man
But for him she jilted her twenty six year old lover a handsome chap full of youthful elan
He was just a working class fellow though strong and virile in his prime
He is one who does not have much money and he could not buy her a good time
The old bloke lured her with his money he soon will be a thirteen time dad
He has fathered children with all of his ex wives in doing so he has not done bad
Yes money does speak every language the sugar daddy with the big nose
Is married to a ginger haired young beauty  such is life one has to suppose

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