Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Happy Old Man

It has been awhile since his hair was dark brown
The wrinkled old bloke from the far away town
Five times a grandfather divorced by his wife
But he feels quite happy in his single life

She gave him an ultimatum it was her or the booze
His  saturday evenings with his  mates at the pub he did choose
No better than him for to belt out a song
He always does lead in the pub sing along

Since she left him in his life he feels  happy and well
He says he pities her new husband she will give him hell
He says  the day she walked out on me happiness in my life began
One can say of him he's a happy old man

For one who has drunk heaps of grog he has never been in a fight
The life of the pub on a saturday night
In his  seventy ninth year he drinks alcohol and cigarettes smoke
And he is a man who can laugh at a joke.

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