Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another Bad Day

No such a thing for you as an easy pay
And for you at work it has been another bad day
Your boss is a hard one  for to satisfy
The term of  unreasonable to his  sort does apply

You would like to tell him what to do with his job
But in doing so 'tis only yourself and your wife and two young children you would rob
Of a livable income where jobs are so rare
You may not get another job start in this town of that you are aware

You wake at five thirty every working day
And cycle to the work yard some three miles  away
Such are the sacrifices one must make in life
For love of his children and love of  his wife

If job starts locally were plentiful to your boss you would say
Here's my written week's notice in your employment i will not stay
But job vacancies are few and  many are unemployed
And  some you know cannot find a job though they've searched far and wide.

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