Thursday, July 5, 2012

Anyone Can Pen Rhyme

It is true what is  said anyone can pen rhyme
But the works of the true  poets do live on in time
And the twenty first century litrerary critics the praises of the modern poets sing
It does seem that blank verse is  now the in thing
And though everyone needed in the wordsmith trade
It is true about poets  they are born not made
True poets like true playwrights and true novelists with words  have a way
They were born to be writers to know of wealth and fame one day
Back in the mid fifties when i was a boy
Reading the poems of  the rhyme poets i used  to enjoy
But rhyme nowadays does seem a thing of the past
Suppose in life few things are born for to last
And though in it for me no fame or financial gain
The rhyming addiction with me does remain.

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