Thursday, July 26, 2012

Big Jim

Of his adventures Big Jim has many stories for to share
The man who risked his life for a bet for a dare
He jumped into a  flooded river that was flowing at great speed
Where the wary fear to venture the bravest succeed

Without confiding in his young children and Jo his devoted wife
For a five hundred dollar bet he risked his life
From a challenge he is one  not to back away
The man has to be crazy some of him does say

Watched by the two who waged the bet with him a  mile from the town
He jumped into the bank high flooded river but he did not drown
From where he jumped in he got washed out in a field two hundred metres down
He risked his life for a bet not for any sort of renown

Just one of the amazing stories that is told of Big Jim
The man has to be crazy many does say of  him
For a bet he risked his  life in what might have been a  watery grave
It has  to be true that fortune favours the brave.

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