Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Call Of The Whipbird

In the gully in the high woodland where rank scrub abound
In the quiet of the morning their  loud whip like cracking calls resound
With cuck on head and  white cheek patches and mostly dark green
Birds  quite often heard though not that often seen
The birds known as eastern whipbirds by name
Their whip like cracking calls is their great claim to fame
In his breeding season the lyrebird include the songs of his neighbour birds in his song all day till evening late
The song of the whipbird is one he does imitate
How nice in the high woodland in the prime of  the Spring
When every wildborn bird chirp, whistle and sing
The whip cracking like call of the whipbird echoes loud and clear
Him you may not see though to you he is  near
In the high wood in the gully in the scrub from view hidden away
His loud whip cracking like calls can be heard every day.

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