Tuesday, July 3, 2012

He Suffers From The Small Fellow Complex

He walks around in a swagger as if he were broad shouldered and tall
Though he does seem far from a  giant to look at he is  physically small
He has what is known as the  small fellow complex one who is too big for his shoes
He is always looking for trouble after drinking a few cans of booze
The alcohol makes him feel angry it does not seem to suit him at all
His face worse for wear for his agro he has yet to win out in a brawl
Yet from past mistakes he has  not learned to learn some seem a  bit slow
For his involvement in brawling he does have the scars for to show
When sober he is far more tolerant though about him he has a cocky way
Alcohol for him does seem a no no apart from that he is  okay
The alcohol stirs in him the hidden agro what's inside sober comes out drunk they say
For every brawl he has been involved in his price in scars he's had to pay
He suffers from the small fellow complex there is  one like him on every street
He has lost every brawl he has been in he is far too slow with his hands and his feet.

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