Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Have Only Heard Stories

I have only heard stories of Tureengarriffe Glen
And the rebels who fought there now long deceased men
It is out of gun battles that heroes are made
And the flags are waving in the passing parade

I have only heard stories of how Jesus died
As legend does have it he was crucified
For one so great he died in a horrible way
Good people they too are being murdered today

I have heard many stories of the great John of God
He devoted his life to the helping of the poor and downtrod
A compassionate and caring person he was free of taint
In life a marvelous person and in death a saint

Of greatness Abraham Lincoln could not be denied
And the story of his assassination is known Worldwide
He did not deserve to die in such a way
But then such is life as some do like to say.

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