Saturday, July 7, 2012

In A Hundred Years From Now

In a  hundred years from now stars will shine in the night sky
And the migratory birds to breed from south to the northern Spring will fly
And i will be long dead one more forgotten name
And life on Planet Earth will go on as the same
In retrospect it does not seem that long ago since i was a  young lad
But only the memories i retain of the  happy times i've had
Where into manhod i did grow north of here and far away
Though to many i would be a stranger there today
A stranger to many in Claraghatlea in view of Clara Hill
Though in fancy i can hear the babble of the rill
In the fields of Claraghatlea from it's source in Claramore
To the bigger waterways to the Atlantic Shore
In a hundred years from now the living breath from me will be long gone
But the stars will shine in the night sky and life as usual will go on.

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