Wednesday, July 25, 2012

In Port Fairy Today

Utopia is surely not that far away
From beautiful Port Fairy on this Summer like day
Though in mid to late Winter in the southern July
There is not one gray cloud in the blue and sunny sky

For  it's magnificent coastal scenery Port Fairy is well known
The place that does possess a charm of it's  own
To so many people a holiday Town
But than that it has  far more claims to renown

To Port Fairy in March people come from far and near
For the weekend of Victoria's biggest Music Festival of the year
For three days a place of enjoyment and cheer
Of culture and song and food, music and beer

In the sunny Winter sky not one  cloud of gray
It is pleasant and peaceful in Port Fairy today
Though here to many mine is a stranger's face
I do feel at home in this beautiful place.

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