Friday, July 27, 2012

Larry The Poet

A happy go lucky sort though not financially wealthy
For one in his early eighties he looks fit and healthy
One with the wisdom of  the long lived old timer
Larry the Poet is an old fashioned rhymer

One might say of  him by rhyme  he's been smitten
In fifty years of writing many poems he has written
He writes just for the love of it not for money or glory
His biography would make a great story

In his young years a wild one time him did mellow
In his prime years he was an energetic fellow
Though five times a grand-dad he never did marry
The married lifestyle would not suit one like Larry

Though not a major poet he is not a poetaster
And reading his book of  verses is not a time waster
On saturday nights he's in the pub making merry
With his long time  mates ageing Johnny and Jerry

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