Friday, July 13, 2012

Lost At Sea

The coastal guards searched the ocean for miles around
But by them no trace of him was found
His wife and  son and daughter then of five and three
Him were never more to see

The long distance  swimmer never more
Will swim miles out of the ocean shore
Perhaps swallowed by a giant wave
His is a deep watery grave

Twenty eight in his life's prime
When he swam for the last time
For everyone there's a last tea
Just like the brave one lost at sea

To the beach he did not swim back
Some say maybe a victim of a shark attack
Though most say he drowned in a huge wave
In his case fortune did not favour the brave

Four years ago his  wife and children last see him
When he went for his last swim
She is now another fellow's wife
This is how it is with life.

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