Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lottie Bowman

Thanks to Robert Vanderhope and  Marianne his good wife
I was introduced to a woman who has known one hundred and two years of life
A beautiful person Lottie Bowman her name
Her great age alone is a just claim to fame

For one who has lived two years with a century
Her memory intact seems amazing to me
She could go way back to her grandparents time
To many years before she  reached her life's prime

So clear in her mind and a lady complete
The oldest person i've been privileged to meet
One hundred and two years of age and still going strong
To a rare group of  people Lottie Bowman belong

Perhaps the oldest person in the City of Warrnambool
It has been many decades since Lottie went to school
Till the day i will die memories of her i will retain
I may never meet a person of one hundred and two years again

Meeting one like her would  make anyone's day
She is quite amazing is all i can say
She has lived through two World wars and tough times did see
And she will still be around at one hundred and  three.

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