Monday, July 30, 2012

Memories Of What Was

It has been some time three decades of years since my hair was dark brown
When i was younger, fitter and healthier near distant Millstreet Town
Till the wanderlust got into me on a bleak December day
I left the old fields i did love  for places far away
In Claraghatlea my first homeplace to most i was  well known
And many there then did look on me as  one of their own
But the wanderlust in me for places elsewhere
For to travel a bit in the big World out there
But when i visualize the past returns to me
And i hear robin sing on a leafy birch tree
And the sweet scent of mown meadow wafting in the breeze
On a nice sunny day in July of around twenty degrees
I have not seen Claraghatlea for almost twenty six years
But memories of what was no longer move me to tears.

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