Monday, July 16, 2012

Nature's Own Weather Forecasters

I do not need to switch on the radio the weather forecast for to hear
When i hear the currawongs singing i know heavy rainfall is near
They are  Nature's own weather forecasters the dark crow sized birds pied currawong
As forecasters of storms and heavy rain they never seem to get it wrong

A beautiful day of warm sunshine and not one gray cloud in the blue sky
But a small flock of currawong singing on the tall gums  and wattles nearby
They sense a quick change  in the weather the birds  who have rain in their song
Tomorrow a day for hat, umbrella and rain coat when they sing karrawong karrawong

The day it is warm and sunny with only the slightest of breeze
But the dark birds ill famed as  nest robbers are singing on the higher trees
You can bet tomorrow will be raining since prior to rain the pied currawong sing
To sense rain it is in their nature and nature's an amazing thing

When you hear the pied currawong singing you know rain is not far away
You know  that it will rain tomorrow if not tonight or later today
Their forecasting of  rain a wonder of  nature and nature's  wonders are not few
I write  of what is known to many and that is not anything new.

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