Sunday, July 15, 2012

Old Mick Connie O

He had great stories old  Mick Connie O
Of the civil war days in Ireland  long ago
And he was a brave rebel who fought the Black and Tan
In his better days when he was a young man

From hunting and house hauntings and miracles at Tubrid Well
He had many yarns and stories to tell
His type of person everyday one does not meet
As a storyteller he was the best of Millstreet

Of living and life so much he did know
His marvellous stories in numbers did grow
I knew him as an aged pipe smoking man
When he was in the twilight years of his life span

One who never yearned for wealth and renown
Seems a shame his stories in book form were never written down
An old legend  of Millstreet from decades ago
The marvellous old Character Mick Connie O.

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