Saturday, July 28, 2012

Old Soldiers

Old soldiers were young, brave and active before they grew old
And old soldiers do die hard as we have been told
Buried with military honours their praises are sung
It is not true that only the bravest die young

Old soldiers do walk in every war parade
They fought in the battles where heroes were made
They survived where many of their young comrades did die
Though that they fought to bring peace is surely based on a lie

For  peace is never the winner though the war has been won
The  mother is left for to grieve for her son
Those who killed him his friends and his  family will never forgive
Against them they will harbour a grudge for as long as they live

On their coat lapels their war medals for bravery they like to display
Old soldiers grow older and slowly fade away
The flag of their Nation they carry with pride
The flag that so many of their young comrades for  died.

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