Sunday, July 1, 2012

On Patience

Patience is a wonderful gift though i am not one of that kind
For every patient he or she some fifty impatient you will find
All things come to those who do wait a saying that is based on truth
And in those blessed with patience it does seem you will find the gift of ruth
People with patience so lucky you never see them irate
They never seem to get cranky all things  come to those who do wait
Patient people are quite relaxed under pressure they do remain cool
Unlike one like me under pressure running around like a fool
If everybody were patient there would be World harmony
People would not rush to battle less inclined to disagree
I wish that i could be patient the patient have presence of mind
Those who are blessed with such a gift to fight with others uninclined
Patience is a virtue a gift granted to few
On saying the patient are good people i am not saying what is  new

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