Saturday, July 28, 2012

One Screaming Girl

One teenage girl screamed for Justin Bieber her contagious screaming was so loud
That her scream grew into a huge screaming crowd
And one scream amongst teenage girls spread around the World at the very mention of his name
Life for  young Justin will never more be the same
What has he got that others have not why bother to ask me
Since anything special in him i for one cannot see
Save for  a young man with an inflated ego that and nothing more
But then i am an old bloke five years with three score
And what i think of Justin should it matter anyway
Since i am one who has known a far better day
But forgive  me if i struggle for to understand
That the screams of one girl could grow  to millions of young screamers in every land
Over one cocky young popster as a singer far from great
Such hysteria that one screaming girl did create.

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