Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Only Way

The only way i can make the Human World better is for me to live as a good man
And anyone in need of helping for to help them out if i can
To never pass judgement on others and in words never put anyone down
And not be living for self interest only though plenty of such a type in every town
I have traveled far south of my birthplace i have seen many Seasons come and go
I'm at the twilight of my existence and time is becoming my foe
In me heaps of room for improvement to one's own self one can only be true
We sow the seeds of our own karma and the karma we receive is our due
Help those in need of help if you can do so since in life we must give to receive
For living a good life a passed down philosophy and on such  i am one who believe
Some people they take and keep taking 'tis only for self they do live
For that they do seem all the  poorer since they do not know how to give
I can make the Human World better to live in by doing a good deed every day
And by helping those in need of helping without looking for reward or pay.

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