Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Former Rose Of Rathmore

From her Hometown in East Kerry does  she live far away
The former Rose of Rathmore where might she be today?
The Pride of  Sliabh Luachra four decades ago
But time it does become everybody's foe

Her eyes were as blue as the November sloe
And her hair was as daark as the wing of a crow
In anti ageing creams and hair dyes does she hide time's decay?
She would be in her early sixties today

From Rathmore in distance does she live  far away
Or in her old Hometown did she choose for to stay
Is she married with children and grandchildren or is she a divorcee
Or single and childless she even may be?

The former Rose of Rathmore was lovely in her prime
But eventually we all become victims of time
Memories of her young beauty with me does remain
Though on her i never may lay eyes again.

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