Thursday, July 12, 2012

'Tis Said We Do Learn

'Tis said we do learn from life every day
But some men don't grow wiser they grow old and gray
But then wisdom never grows on the bushes and trees
Nor can one acquire it through uni degrees
But ignorance is bliss it does seem this way
And no fool like an old  fool as some like to say
War started by ageing men for young men to fight in and die
That age does bring with it wisdom is surely a lie
Though the praises of heroes of battles many love to sing
The human lust for power is an addictive  thing
It is leaders desperate to cling to power create us against they
By sending their troops into battle in war zones far away
We do learn as we live as some do like to say
But some never learn they just grow  old and gray.

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