Sunday, July 29, 2012

Where Everyone Knows Everyone

Where everyone knows everyone it is that sort of a town
And where those not well in with the well in by many are verbally put down
Where only the locally born and raised are those made to feel belong
To where everyone knows everyone where the tribal bond is strong
Yet so many little towns like it in the bigger World out there
Where for years  you remain as a stranger if you were born and raised elsewhere
Where everyone knows everyone your business not your own
Where parochialism takes pride of  place such towns  i have known
Where if you are not locally born and raised you do feel out of place
Though for some time you have lived there and  there your's is a familiar face
Where everyone knows everyone of such places quite a few
And  some may even say to this go tell us what is new
Such towns and villages are not rare where parochialism reside
There are  millions of them so it seems for they are Worldwide.

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