Sunday, July 8, 2012

Where There Are Not Many Trees And Bushes

Where there are not many trees and bushes not many birds and animals you will see
For wild creatures for to shelter in need every bush and tree
That wildlife numbers are being decimated by habitat destruction all around the World today
Is a poor reflection on human kind it does seem sad to say
With other life forms us human kind this  Planet are meant to share
But due to our destruction of their habitat many wild creatures are becoming rare
And more species of fish, insects, birds and  animals becoming endangered every day
And much of this due to human greed does seem sad to have to say
In a World of a greatly increasing human population many wildlife species on the endangered list
Without their  trees and bushes many creatures cannot exist
We push creatures nearer to extinction when we deprive them of a living place
The un-necessary removal of trees is a human disgrace
From Mother Earth who feeds us  we take and in return little give
And the creatures we share the Planet with we deny the right to live.

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