Thursday, September 13, 2012

Above The Mudflats Of Mcloughlins Beach

Above the mudflats of Mcloughlins beach in the September sky
The eastern curlews do flute as they fly
And though to here Mcloughlins beach not a  place that is near
In fancy their beautiful music i do hear
The song of the eastern curlew is a beautiful thing
Above the Gippsland mudflats in the Southern Spring
From their breeding grounds in Eastern Siberia to Australia they do fly
When the warmth of Spring is  in the southern sky
It is a mystery of Nature beyond  human kind to explain
How  migratory wading birds can make it so far south and fly home to breed again
A mystery that only seems to grow and grow
The  more we learn of Nature the less of her we know  we do know
Above the mudflats  of Mcloughlins beach from here far away
The eastern curlews are singing today.

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