Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Big Jim

Not everyone born to be lucky for some life must seem quite unfair
Big Jim twenty five in his life's prime on his head not one rib of hair
From weeks of radiation treatment for his type  of cancer no cure
Unless for him a miracle happens an early end for him for sure

The doctors hold little hope for him a year at most to live for him they do say
His once massive shoulders are shrinking and  time on him ticking away
The only offspring of a  widowed mother for him she will be left to grieve
That her only child will not outlive her she refuses for to believe

Big Jim he  has not fathered children nor he does not have a partner or wife
Some people are born for to die young and  his will not be a long life
Yet he is an inspiring fellow and people like him are quite rare
One never does hear him complaining though life's heaviest cross he does bear

He suffers a terminal illness  and he has absorbed months of pain
Big Jim he is an inspiration he does not know how to complain
He always seems so very happy a big smile on his handsome face
He is happy for to be living the great gift of life he embrace.

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